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Reduce Struggles, Improve Your Life

98% of our lives as average humans is spent in struggling. We try to make a living, and get trapped into an endless loop of infinity which keeps us on our toes. Obesity is the key problem that our generation faces, and it does not end here, obesity in itself comes with complications that carry lethal consequences. If you would ask and average human being, why they struggle? Or are working so hard... The answer over 55% of the time will be the need to make a difference, leave and impact on the world, or self satisfaction. Now, the funny thing is that they compromise on their health in doing so, our bodies are our engines and an engine which is constantly subjected to wear and tear will not get you very far without proper attention. Working out is a word that most of the working class is far from, staying in shape has been limited to good looks the urgency and irrefutable importance of being healthy has over time lost its true purpose and meaning. The biggest impact that we can make would be with our everyday choices, our choices bear a butterfly effect and our life events are set out as dominos, one leading to another. Every choice that we make from that Big Mac to the high on sugar sodas comes with its consequences that may at first seem farfetched but sooner or later they catch up. From obesity, high blood pressure, strokes to cancer not making the right food choices can have its impact. From staying hydrated, to the consumption of fresh juices, fruit and vegetables every healthy choice that you would make will help you with a better and more rewarding health. Our health is what decided our potential in daily lives, a good health would mean a greater performance and you cannot let yourself wither away running after dollars, we need to strike a balance. Committing to non processed food and avoiding bad fat can be all the commitment at times, with the right guidance and support switching lanes in between a good lifestyle from a bad one shouldn't be very hard. Fried food, frozen food, and those microwavable items that are quick to make sometimes may be too quick to be good. We know how everything that is worth having, comes with a price. Now you may find yourself in a situation where you love food that is unhealthy, bad, and terribly bad for you! But it tastes oh so good, are you willing to pay the price for this taste with your health? Here is a list of easy and if prepared well, a few scrumptious and healthy meals that pack both a flavor and some nutrition together:

Pulses and dry fruits: Both of these are an excellent source of protein and are rich in a few more essential nutrients. The key to a healthy life, is a balanced diet. You must have little of everything good that the world has to offer, there are a few great recipes out there that make delicacies out of simple ingredients and are healthy by all measures. Both pulses and dry fruits can be your everyday snacks, they are a great source of quick energy and more filling than a pack of potato crisps that most of us have found a taste for.

Fresh fruits and vegetables: Needless to emphasize on the importance of eating your veggies. We all know how important those leafy greens can be, so toss in some vegetables and fruits and make yourself a salad.

If there is any impact that you should be worried about making is the impact that you are going to make on your life.

Having at least 8 glasses of water: Even when you don't feel thirsty, it's only smart to always be well hydrated this is one of the fastest and most important factors to a healthier lifestyle. Our body needs water to function properly, and it’s vital that we provide our body with whatever it needs, it is the key to an improved and enhanced health. A key to success, joy and happiness.

Making the right choices be it in businesses, professional life, career choices, food or exercise is equally important. We insist that you make the choice which is right for you, start today so that you don't end up regretting it tomorrow.

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